Abstract Art Paintings
by Marjorie Kinney

Abstract of the ASTER 24" x 30"
(Advanced Space-borne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer)
Mixed Media Painting
Age of Consciousness  48" x 36"
2-Part Diptych (sold)

Original neo-expressionism painting

Contemporary Abstraction: Abstract Art
Oil, Acrylic and Mixed Media Paintings

Many new abstracts have been painted and will be added to this page soon.

Some of my abstract art paintings, or non-objective, mixed media expressionism art paintings, are painted on a single canvas while others are on multiple canvases that create an extended or complementary image.

My diptych abstract paintings are painted on two separate canvases that when placed side by side, create a single continuous abstract art image.

Diptych paintings are unusual in that you do not see them every day. The effect that the two canvases make on a wall is quite stunning. It also allows some leeway in expanding the wall space requirement if needed.

Contemporary Abstraction - Definition of my style

In most cases abstract paintings are also defined as Abstract Art, Contemporary Abstraction Art, Non-Objective Art, Expressionisic Art, or Neo-Expressionistic Art.  Many times they can be hung either vertically, or horizontally, depending on the space requirements and the subjective view of the buyer.

The new dictionary states that words abstract art and non-objective art can be interchangeably used.